speakerConstance Hornig

Law Offices

Constance is an attorney of 40 years' experience beginning in public finance / tax-exempt bond financing, and, for the last 25 years, municipal solid waste. In the 19'70's and '80s she served as bond or underwriters' counsel on WTE revenue bond financings throughout the US and researched waste incineration in Japan on a Fulbright Fellowship. Constance represents only public entities (nations, states, counties, cities, joint power agencies) and NGOs (non-governmental organizations such as World Bank and InterAmerican Development Bank). She works on the full range of integrated MSW management projects, from collection through processing and disposal; Cliients / projects range from LARGE (Abu Dhabi Emirate, Los Angeles County, to tiny (McFaraland, CA; Kodiak Borough, AK). Constance is a member of SWANA's International Board (legal representation) and Executive Committee, and the SWANA Legislative Task Force in California.