speakerWilliam Jorgenson

Vanguard Renewables

Bill Jorgenson is Co-Founder and Counselor of Vanguard Renewables (VR) which owns and operates four farm digesters, with a fifth in construction, taking food organics to make electricity and fertilizer in an environmentally friendly way.  VR has more digesters in development in four States with Vermont and New York farm digesters to be renewable gas.  VR is funded by institutional investors who have an interest in climate change as a vehicle for a more productive world.  In 2008, Mr. Jorgenson formed Agreen Energy to make renewable electricity and fertilizer from dairy manure and food organics which formed the model creating Vanguard.  AGE and Mr. Jorgenson are also shareholders in Vanguard. Mr. Jorgenson has spent his life in the food industry marketing and management including as Founder of SJH Consulting for agri-customers and Vice President of Latin America for Quaker Oats. He is an?author, industry speaker, Advisory Board member and member of dairy Industry working groups.