speakerDana Kirk

Michigan State University

Dr. Dana Kirk is assistant professor in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Michigan State University. He teaches the capstone design course in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering as well as co-instructs several study abroad programs. In addition, to his teaching and outreach responsibilities, he is the manager of the Anaerobic Digester Research and Education Center (ADREC). ADREC is collaborative effort between the University and industry to provide a continuum of research, professional development and outreach support for waste-to-energy systems. He has been conducting research and development of waste-to-resource technologies for the past 10 years and is an expert on design and commercialization of waste management systems. Dr. Kirk's current research and development activities include: establishing a campus anaerobic digestion system to treat organic wastes, biogas purification and upgrading, and nutrient management. Dr. Kirk is also intensively involved with waste-to-energy related extension and outreach activities.