speakerBrian Paganini

Quantum Biopower

Brian Paganini is the Vice President and Managing Director of Quantum Biopower, Connecticut's (CT) first merchant food waste anaerobic digestion facility in Southington.  Quantum's flagship facility recycles 40,000 tons/year of food waste creating 1.2 MW of power and 10,000 tons/year of organic soil amendments.  Quantum develops digester infrastructure, in places of need, to liberate the energy and nutrients stored in organic waste streams.  Brian has helped to shape the energy policies in the New England Region, specifically working toward the passage of CT's first Virtual Net Metering program in 2015 and recently, working on a statewide Renewable Fuel Standard for biogas.  He is extremely proud of the academic partnerships he has established with the University of Connecticut and Yale to help develop future leaders, technology platforms, and entrepreneurship programs focused on biogas projects and programs.  Brian passionately works on public policy initiatives to affect positive change for food waste recycling and energy creation from a variety of renewable energy resources.  Prior to managing Quantum's business, he worked in the biomedical field.