speakerTanja Vujic

Duke University

Tatjana (Tanja) Vujic is Director of Biogas Strategy for Duke University. In that role, Tanja reports to Duke's Executive Vice President to create a supply of biogas to fuel its campus steam plants and help the University meet its 2024 Climate Neutrality Goal. Tanja has been involved for nearly two decades in various aspects of biogas development, particularly as it relates to animal waste management, carbon reductions and renewable energy production. In 2010, as director of the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative, she leveraged state and federal funding to develop the Loyd Ray Farms swine waste-to-energy system with Duke Energy and Google. Using lessons from the Loyd Ray Farms project — the first project in the state to generate renewable energy certificates from swine waste and registered carbon offsets by destroying livestock-sourced methane — Tanja then led a comprehensive analysis of a Directed Biogas approach to power generation from swine waste to accelerate compliance with North Carolina's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard. In addition to her work for Duke University, Tanja directed Environmental Defense Fund's Southeast Clean Energy Program and worked with former Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers on his book, Lighting the World, applying insights from that book to design the Energy Access Project at Duke University. The Energy Access Project is now fully operational at Duke University, running out of the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, with a mission of creating ways by which rural populations around the world can access electricity created from sustainable renewable resources. Tanja also teaches on topics related to climate change mitigation, clean energy access and energy equity from time to time. She holds a dual degree B.A. from Yale University in Geology and Geophysics and Studies in the Environment and a law degree from The George Washington University.