Anaerobic Digestion • Biogas • Composting • Food Waste • Manure • Renewable Natural Gas
18th Annual Conference
BioCycle REFOR17

Renewable Energy From Organics Recycling

Oct. 15, 16, 17, 18, 2018
Raleigh, North Carolina
Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley
Conference Of
The American
Biogas Council

Agenda: Monday ABC Workshop | Tuesday & Wednesday Session Preview | Thursday Site Tours | Event Schedule | Networking Events
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Agenda Preview
Tuesday, October 16 - Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Opening Plenary Think Tank:
Catalyzing The Biogas Economy

Program Preview

The Big Picture

Anaerobic Digestion Facilities Processing Food Waste In The U.S.

State Organics Recycling Infrastructure Assessment

Compost And Digestate Market Infrastructure Analysis

Who Are Your Customers? What Do They Need?

Organic Waste Generator "Pain Points"

How To Integrate Technologies To Maximize Appeal

Getting Key Players To "Yes"

Federal Biogas Policies

Biogas Carve Outs In 2018 Farm Bill

RFS Realities

What's Up With Tax Credits?

Capitalizing On RIN, LCFS Credits

Navigating Renewable Transportation Fuel Regulations

Case Studies: Timeline, Hurdles To Implementation

Food Waste Digestion And Cellulosic RIN Classification

Natural Gas Utilities And RNG

Pipeline Injection Standards Review

Gauging Public, Commercial Interest In "Green" Gas

Realistic Potential Of RNG Production, Injection

Winning AD Project Teams

Required Players To Go From Proposal To Thriving

Funder And Lender "Must Haves"

Who's In The Digester Hall Of Fame … And Why?

Digestate And Recovered Nutrient Markets

Two-Pronged AD Reality — Nutrients And Bulk Liquid Volume

Nutrient Recovery In Action

Digestate Valuation

Accelerating Commercial AD Of Food Waste

Large-Scale, Small-Scale Opportunities

Solid Waste, Wastewater Agency Collaborations

Food Recovery + Food Scraps Recycling

AD Economies Of Scale

Multi-Farm AD Optimization For Dairy Production

Aggregation Of Hog Farm Digesters Yields Directed Biogas Opportunity

Feedstock Sourcing Cooperative

Manure Markets

Community-Based Manure Solids Granulation Facilities

Aggregating Hog Manure Digestate For Fertilizer Production

Nutrient Trading Credits

AD And Composting Integration

New Perspectives In Biowaste Treatment In Italy

Compostable Plastic Bag Field Trials At Municipal AD+Composting Plants

Composting Treatment Of Digested Solids

Recycled Organics Products Market Development

Product Branding Insights

Big Ag's Healthy Soils Focus — Assessing Opportunities For Digestate And Compost

Compost Use In Green Infrastructure — Market Update

Contamination Management

Critical Control Points In The Feedstock Supply Chain

Signage, Training And Effective Educational Tools

Optimizing Removal Strategies

Digester Operations

Using Biochar To Manage Hydrogen Sulfide

Cold Climate AD Strategies

Feedstock Mixes To Maximize Biogas Production

Biogas, Battery Storage And Grid Reliability

Farm-Based Microgrid Aids Rural Electricity Demand

Utility Scale Battery Projects Powered By Renewables

Technology Options

Codigestion At Water Resource Recovery Facilities

Business Case For Codigestion

Food Waste And FOG Receiving, Preprocessing

Managing Unintended Impacts

Accelerating Industry Adoption

Servicing The Industrial Biotech Economy

Carbon Pricing Tools, Incentives

When RNG Is Business As Usual