Anaerobic Digestion • Biogas • Composting • Food Waste • Manure • Renewable Natural Gas
19th Annual Conference
BioCycle REFOR17


October 28, 29, 30, 31, 2019
Madison, Wisconsin
Madison Marriott West

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Agenda: Wednesday, October 30

Updated 8.13

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 | | 8:30 AM — 9:45 AM
Track 1
Agricultural Biogas, Nutrient Management
Agricultural Biogas Industry: Overview And Innovative Resources

Nick Elger, USEPA AgSTAR

AD Biogas Implementation: The Right Way, And Again

Keith Henn, Tetra Tech, Inc.

Integrating Composting And Filtration Technologies For Phosphorus Innovation Challenge

Brian Jerose, Agrilab Technologies Inc.

Robert Levine, Digested Organics

Nutrient Concentration At Wisconsin Digester


Track 2
Biogas Conditioning Research
Determining Acceptability Of RNG For Pipeline Injection

Tom Dunder, TRC Solutions

Composite Carbon Dioxide Sorbents For Economical Biogas Upgrading

Jennifer Knipe, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Water-Based Biogas Purification System Pilot At WRRF

Bryan Johnson, Energy Tech Innovations, LLC

Track 3
Food Waste Pretreatment
Modeling Impacts Of Food Wastes On Municipal Wastewater Plants

Michael Keleman, InSinkErator

Depackaging Opens Doors To Food Waste AD, Digestate Utilization In Denmark

Lars Ravn Nielsen, Gemidan Ecogi A/S

Packaged Food Waste Processing At Rendering Plant Digester

Mark Vanderbeken, Dry Cake

Track 4
Life After Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
PPA Changes Lead To New Approach To Digester Gas Use

Jay Kemp, Black & Veatch

Multiple Farm Digester Cluster To Pipeline Injection

Andy Dvoracek, Amp Americas

AD Power And Microgrids — Exploring The Opportunities
Wednesday, October 30, 2019 | | 10:30 AM — 12:15 PM
Track 1
TABLE TALKRenewable Fertilizers — Digester CoProduct Markets

• Policy options for formation, deployment and sustainable execution of phosphorus recovery facilities and practices

• Developing alternative profitable revenue streams for digester coproducts

• Identifying obstacles and opportunities (technical, operational, financial and market-based)


Timothy Baye, University of Wisconsin

Jessica Niekrasz, Clean Fuel Partners


Track 2
Renewable Natural Gas Projects And Practice
Regulatory Changes, Updates And Pricing: RFS And LCFS

Brad Pleima, EcoEngineers

Dane County RNG Facility, Offload Station

John Welch, Dane County (WI)

Navigating The RNG Pipeline Permitting Process

Betsy Powers, SCS Engineers

Andrew Zikeli, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies U.S. LLC

RNG: Rule 21/30 Compliance Made Easy

Paul Baker, Guild Associates, Inc.


Track 3
international panelGlobal Opportunities For Advancing Biogas

Organized by Global Methane Initiative

• Overview of methane-to-energy projects around the world

• Market Opportunities for biogas development in Asia and Latin America

• Anaerobic digestion technology deployment — from micro to industrial

• Challenges and lessons learned from international biogas experts

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 | | 1:45 PM — 3:30 PM
Track 1
Anaerobic Digestion Of Compostable Products: Operational Impacts, Biogas Production

Norma McDonald, OWS

Contamination Policies: Hindrance Or Help?

Bryan Johnson, City of Madison (WI)

Ryan Cooper, Rubicon Global

John Jaimez, Hennepin County (MN)

PFAS: The Organics Recycling Albatross


Track 2
TABLE TALKBusiness Of Biogas
RNG Production At Dairy Digesters — Financial Drivers

Mark Hill, DTE Biomass Energy

Beyond RFS And LCFS: Reducing Policy Risk Exposure For RNG Project Financing

Paul Niznik, Argus Consulting Services

Navigating D3-D5 RIN Gas Separation

Brad Pleima, EcoEngineers

Jon Koch, City of Muscatine (IA)


Track 3
Anaerobic Digestion Research & Practice
Anaerobic Treatment Yields Multiple Benefits

Joseph Cantwell, Focus on Energy / Leidos Engineering, LLC

Acid Phase Digestion As Pretreatment To Enhance Codigestion

Matt Seib, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

Closed-Loop Bioconversion Solution For Cane Sugar Industry

Avijit Dasgupta, Enviro Associates International

Photoionization Of Food Waste Process Odors

Mike Muffels, GHD


Wednesday, October 30, 2019 | | 4:00 PM — 5:30 PM

Moving The Biogas, Nutrient Recovery Needle In The Midwest